Launch in to Next Generation 9-1-1 GIS with SpatialStation®

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Flexible and user-configurable, SpatialStation® is designed to help GIS users build and validate mission critical spatial data to support the requirements of 9-1-1 Next Generation functionality for public safety and emergency response.

GIS data is ‘the’ critical element for any successful deployment and operation of a NG9-1-1 geospatial routing solution. For years local governmental entities have been developing and maintaining data for use in static 9-1-1 map display applications to plot incoming ALI locations. In the i3 world this same data will also be required to determine the appropriate PSAP to which a live call is to be routed. Accuracy and timeliness of GIS data updates is a growing concern for i3. 911 Datamaster is providing new reliable and efficient tools to help 9-1-1 GIS administrators address these needs with SpatialStation®.

Before GIS data can be used in a live call-routing environment, it is vital that it is evaluated by dependable QA / QC processes to verify its completeness and accuracy and that each graphical element has sound topological integrity. The data must also be reconciled with the ALI / MSAG to make sure all address points and road centerlines are present and correctly represented. Unless this work is performed regularly and consistently inaccurate or incomplete spatial data can result in incorrect call routing.

To support this essential aspect of NG9-1-1, 911 Datamaster has developed SpatialStation®, a complete set of 9-1-1 focused GIS editing and analysis tools. These tools will not only allow GIS administrators to more easily develop their required data but will also identify any missing yet required database attributes. They will also provide a variety of spatial checks to pinpoint and correct problems with graphical elements.

SpatialStation® integrates seamlessly with 911 Datamaster’s SpatialCentral® (SI) and DataNexus® (LVF / ECRF) applications to facilitate automated call routing database updating. SpatialStation® can also be utilized with 911 Datamaster’s DBMS database management application to allow users of both to simultaneously manage traditional tabular and spatial databases in support of a smooth transition process to NG9-1-1. Together SpatialStation®, SpatialCentral® and DataNexus® help 9-1-1 authorities ensure that they have the best possible data for use in a live NG9-1-1 i3 geospatial call routing environment.

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