Observe and React to 9-1-1 Incidents and Activity with SpatialScene®

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Flexible and highly-configurable, SpatialScene® is designed to help 9-1-1 Call Takers and EOC personnel observe, react to and manage their ongoing emergency incident activity.

OBSERVE – SpatialScene® is a state-of-the-art map display for today’s 9-1-1 call taking Public Safety answering Points (PSAPs), and Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs). Merging the latest spatial data and communication technologies together for the Next Generation 9-1-1 environment, SpatialScene® provides emergency management personnel an easy to use yet flexible map display and location query tool. Highly configurable and requiring a minimal HW & SW footprint, SpatialScene® offers users traditional emergency event observation capabilities and simple, easy to use location query tools.

REACT – Being able to react to a 9-1-1 call or emergency event requires a map display that provides intuitive data representation. SpatialScene® helps facilitate the representation of spatial location, both horizontally and vertically (supporting upcoming NENA and FCC mandates), through a complete set of cartographic rendering tools supporting landline, wireless, and VOIP call location identification. On screen annotation and markup features, as well as event notification, takes response to an emergency situation to the next level by allowing all staff in a 9-1-1 facility to share all information within a spatial context, via a shared map display.

MANAGE – While System Administrators are provided with logical map display configuration controls, as well as call history reporting, post call or emergency event review is recognized as an important tool for emergency response managers and planning. To this end, SpatialScene®, allows users to review the flow of 9-1-1 caller and event activity in the PSAP or EOC, both visually as well as in savable report formats. In playback mode, users can actually see an animated representation of incoming call or event activity in order to review and refine response performance.

SpatialScene® integrates seamlessly with 911 Datamaster’s SpatialCentral® (SIF) application for automated spatial data updating. SpatialScene® can also be utilized with 911 Datamaster’s SpatialStation® application to allow user initiated discrepancy reports to be sent to the GIS database administrator. Together, SpatialScene®, SpatialCentral® and SpatialStation® provide 9-1-1 authorities a comprehensive way to observe, react to and manage their mission critical operations.

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