Consolidate, manage, and validate your multi-jurisdiction NG 9-1-1 GIS database with SpatialCentral®.

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SpatialCentral® has been designed to provide a robust and flexible server based GIS data QA / QC application, and GIS database repository, for use in the role of Spatial Information Interface (SI) at the local or regional level.

GIS data is ‘the’ critical element for successful deployment and operation of any Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) geospatial routing solution. Accuracy and timeliness of GIS data updates is a growing concern for this data. SpatialCentral® is designed to allow multiple GIS users to upload, and then have automatically validated, their mission critical spatial data in support of required NG9-1-1 functionality for public safety and emergency response. As is the case with 911 Datamaster’s SpatialStation® application, SpatialCentral® provides a complete set of geometry and attribution based validation checks to help insure the completeness and integrity of the GIS data uploaded to it.

Before GIS data can be used in a live call-routing environment, it is vital that it is evaluated by dependable QA / QC processes to verify its completeness and accuracy and that each feature is useable in the NG9-1-1 environment. Unless this work is performed regularly and consistently, inaccurate or incomplete spatial data can result in incorrect call routing. 911 Datamaster continues to provide reliable and efficient tools to help 9-1-1 GIS administrators address these needs with SpatialCentral®. Incorporating an intuitive user interface, SpatialCentral® provides on-line users a map based display of GIS data validation results and query capabilities as well as provides system administrators with critical management tools. When serving as a GIS data repository, SpatialCentral® supports the upload of a variety of GIS database formats and makes validated GIS data available to other NG9-1-1 assets requiring this information, such as the ECRF.

SpatialCentral® integrates seamlessly with 911 Datamaster’s DataNexus® application (LVF / ECRF) in support of synchronization between USPS, MSAG and GIS databases. It also facilitates direct integration with SpatialStation® so that GIS updates can be received directly from that application by SpatialCentral®, providing a second level of QA / QC support. SpatialCentral® can also update 911 Datamaster’s map display application SpatialScene®, SpatialCentral®, together with SpatialStation®, DataNexus® and SpatialScene®, helps 9-1-1 authorities ensure that they have the best possible data for use in a live NG9-1-1 i3 geospatial call routing environment.

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