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911 Datamaster provides the tools to achieve the most reliable request-and-response technology for 24 x 7 Public Safety operations, outstanding data quality, comprehensive data and transaction reporting, and superb real-time communication, regardless of the size of the 9-1-1 authority. Since 1993, 911 Datamaster has been a trusted provider of best-in-class 9-1-1 data management tools.

Whether it is NG9-1-1, GIS/Spatial, Traditional ALI/DBMS, GIS/Traditional Services, or hosted solutions, 911 Datamaster has you covered.

DataBond® is an evolution of 9-1-1 ALI. It can serve as a ‘Location Database’ (LDB), which is defined by NENA as a data structure that can serve as both an ALI and a LIS operating within a 9-1-1 authority’s jurisdiction. Since DataBond® integrates with both existing and NG9-1-1 infrastructure, it allows for the migration to NG9-1-1 technology on your schedule without the need for a ‘fork lift’ upgrade.

DataNexus® integrates the current needs of public safety and emergency response with the evolving technologies of 9-1-1 Next Generation functions. DataNexus® fulfills all of the requirements for a Location Validation Function (LVF) and Emergency Call Routing Function (ECRF).

SpatialStation® is designed to help GIS users build and validate mission critical spatial data to support the requirements of 9-1-1 Next Generation functionality for public safety and emergency response.

SpatialCentral® provides a robust and flexible server based GIS data QA / QC application, multi-jurisdiction aggregation point, and 9-1-1 GIS database repository, for use in the role of Spatial Information Interface (SI) at the local or regional level.

SpatialScene® is a state-of-the-art map display for today’s 9-1-1 call taking Public Safety answering Points (PSAPs), and Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs). Merging the latest spatial data and communication technologies together for the Next Generation 9-1-1 environment, SpatialScene® provides emergency management personnel an easy to use, yet flexible map display and location query tool.

Data Services whether you are looking to upgrade your ALI database management to improve quality, control costs, and prepare for NG9-1-1 or desiring to prepare and maintain your GIS data to a quality level requisite for NG9-1-1 deployment, we have the resources and expertise to make you successful. Improve quality and control costs by letting us manage your ALI & GIS Data.

9-1-1 ALI is a stand-alone ALI database that provides ALI response to ALI requests, including E2+ for cellular (phase I&II) and V-E2 for VoIP. Compatible with all leading ANI/ALI controllers, the Windows™-based software is powerful, yet user friendly. 9-1-1 ALI has evolved into DataBond® (see above), allowing for an easy transition into NG9-1-1.

9-1-1 DBMS provides all the tools necessary to build and maintain your 9-1-1 database.  It is designed to process daily update files, to scrub the files against a Master Street Address Guide (MSAG), and to provide updated files for ALI computers.

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