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IES Applauds 911 Datamaster's WebData, WebTelco ALI/DBMS Tools

IES Applauds 911 Datamaster's WebData, WebTelco ALI/DBMS Tools

Independent Emergency Services (IES) relies on 911 Datamaster’s products to solve problems, save time and provide an unmatched level of quality checks. IES has relied on 911 Datamaster’s web accessible IP products for nearly seven years. IES has both improved and enhanced communications with customers and service providers alike.

“All of our MSAG changes are done with WebData, and we benefit by being able to process submissions immediately “, says Dorothy Jeseritz, ALI Database Manager. “Most submissions are in the database within 15 or 20 minutes. The improvements with MSAG changes are many. For instance, before WebData, we received MSAG changes by fax and there was always the chance of a mistranslation.” In addition, Jeseritz says, “The submitter can tell if the change would cause an overlapping range. Errors are discovered prior to submission, allowing for much quicker resolution times.”

WebData allows government agencies to submit MSAG change requests and PSAPs the ability to submit ANI/ALI discrepancy reports to the ALI database management provider over a secure IP connection. WebData also allows easy communication (messaging) between the parties to solve problems. An additional benefit is that all communication and actions are recorded and part of a permanent audit trail. And, according to Jeseritz, “We love having the audit trail.”

IES also uses 911 Datamaster’s WebTelco. WebTelco allows service providers to access their own records and error records in the ALI database and to query, view, and download MSAG records.

“All our service providers use WebTelco, and we no longer have to send them monthly copies of the MSAG”, Jeseritz says. “Now they can keep their MSAG up to date on a daily basis, and we don’t get phone calls from them asking about MSAG changes. The time spent dealing with the service providers is greatly reduced.”

“IES has continuously strived to achieve best-in-class offerings for there Public Safety Customers. We are proud they continue to rely on our product suite in supporting that vision.” states Lyle Krehbiel President and CEO of 911 Datamaster, Inc. “IES understands that the ‘same old rules’ don’t apply in today’s rapidly evolving market.”

911 Datamaster, founded in 1993, focuses exclusively on designing, implementing, and supporting an ever-growing suite of best-in-class 9-1-1 ALI database software. Whether you are a state 9-1-1 coordinator, lead an enterprise-wide 9-1-1 organization, or manage a single entity, 911 Datamaster can provide tools to help you achieve outstanding data quality with comprehensive reporting and audit trails.s partnered with IES.

Independent Emergency Services, a company comprising seven independent telephone companies, provides a complete 9-1-1 network, PSAP equipment, and ALI database for over 75% of the 87 counties in Minnesota.

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