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911 Datamaster releases ALI Query Service for NG9-1-1

911 Datamaster releases ALI Query Service for NG9-1-1

Overland Park, KS

911 Datamaster releases AQS (ALI Query Service) for use in the Next Generation Emergency Service Network (NGESN)

911 Datamaster announces the availability of Next Generation ALI Query Service. The NENA XML ALI Query Service (AQS) specifies new protocols between the PSAP and the next Generation Emergency Services Network (NGESN). AQS is based on self-describing messages, defined by XML schema. Additionally, the query key can support other requests besides traditional 8-digit and 10-digit requests (ie- SIP URI). These additional query keys will become common place in the future. The new AQS interface works in conjunction with 911 Datamaster's latest ALI products. The ability to work with traditional ALI Products in today’s and tomorrow’s environment saves Datamaster customers time and money by avoiding a forklift replacement.

“Although we realize most of the 9-1-1 Industry is presently unable to utilize AQS, we continue to prepare our suite of database solutions. We want our customers to have a seamless, economical transition into a full NG9-1-1 (Next Generation) environment at a time of their own choosing.” explains Scott Krehbiel, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

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