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911 Datamaster Celebrates 20th Anniversary.

911 Datamaster Celebrates 20th Anniversary.

Evolving with the industry while staying true to core principles

Overland Park, Kansas, April 30, 2013—911 Datamaster, the nation’s leading developer of mission-critical data management software is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Founded in 1993 by Lyle Krehbiel, 911 Datamaster provides software technology for the accurate and instantaneous validation of routing data used to locate emergency callers. During the past 20 years, the company has built a solid reputation as a trusted provider of 9-1-1 data management technology and its unwavering customer services.

“I’ve always felt if you built a better product and provided outstanding customer service that you’d have a better chance of making it in business,” says Krehbiel. “We started by providing our customers with the tools to make managing data easier, and we’ve grown the company by going the extra mile for our customers. Today, I’m pleased to say we have a passion for what we do.”

Krehbiel was an electrical engineer and college professor when he started the company with a couple of employees in 1993. He wrote the code for the first data management product, and soon found himself looking for “better ways to do things” in data management.

“We pride ourselves in being the leader in customer friendly technology,” Lyle explains. “Early on, we made everything available online and worked with our customers to streamline the process. Today, our systems process more than 300,000 transactions each day. Our technology is making decisions, in real time, during the emergency call.”

The company grew steadily during the first decade of business providing high-quality data management software to smaller markets throughout the country. As the telecommunications industry started changing dramatically with the advent of cellular service and Internet Protocol, databases of caller information also ramped up. 911 Datamaster went from managing databases with 10,000 to 20,000 records to more than 800,000 per installation by 1998.

Today, 911 Datamaster software tools are used in some of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, while still being the most popular technology choice for more rural areas of America. This is a sure sign that the company continues to serve the market well by staying true to their original mission, which is providing the best available technology and the highest level of customer support.

“We are still a software technology company and focused on perfecting data delivery and providing the best in customer service,” says Krehbiel. “We are now in the next-generation 9-1-1 environment and constantly expanding our tool set to meet the new challenges. We are evolving with the industry, and staying true to our core principles. Just wait till you see what we are doing with spatial data!”

911 Datamaster provides emergency call centers with a variety of tools that allow customers to migrate to next generation (NG9-1-1) technology on their own schedule. Its product line features traditional management tools including 9-1-1 DBMS, 9-1-1 ALI / Remarks, WebDBMS, 9-1-1 and WebPSAP, along with its leading NG9-1-1 data-management systems DataNexus®, DataBond® and SpatialStation™. In addition, the company provides comprehensive white papers and case studies on a variety of data management technologies.

About 911 Datamaster
911 Datamaster, founded in 1993, focuses exclusively on the development and support of innovative, best-in-class, 9-1-1 database solutions. 911 Datamaster is the leading provider of 9-1-1 data validation and request / response software, currently used in more than 30 states, 700+ counties, highly secure Military Installations and for statewide systems.

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