911 Datamaster’s industry leadership role continues to be recognized. Jim Shepard tapped to serve as Development Steering Council (DSC) Co-Chair.

Shepard, Vice President of Product Evolution for 911 Datamaster, will be part of the DSC leadership. The DSC is responsible for coordinating all of NENA’s development work conducted by the association’s six standing committees.

“Our goal has always been to assist our public safety peers in saving lives.” states 911 Datamaster CEO Scott Krehbiel, “To be recognized by our leading governance body (NENA) is quite humbling.”

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Georgetown County, SC Upgrades an Onsite ALI Database Solution from 911 Datamaster.

As the state's third oldest city, Georgetown dates back to 1729 when the town was laid out by Elisha Screven. The four-by-eight block grid is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This area is bordered by Wood, Church, Meeting and Front Streets, with Front Street running alongside the Sampit River. A bustling seaport in colonial times, tall masted sailing ships laden with goods from Europe docked here and left with the trade products of the lowcountry  — indigo in the mid 1700's and rice, cotton and lumber in later years.

911 Datamaster is pleased to support Georgetown County's 9-1-1 ALI Database Management System.

911 Datamaster Celebrates 20th Anniversary.

Evolving with the industry while staying true to core principles

Overland Park, Kansas, April 30, 2013—911 Datamaster, the nation’s leading developer of mission-critical data management software is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Founded in 1993 by Lyle Krehbiel, 911 Datamaster provides software technology for the accurate and instantaneous validation of routing data used to locate emergency callers. During the past 20 years, the company has built a solid reputation as a trusted provider of 9-1-1 data management technology and its unwavering customer services.

Fairfield County, SC goes live with an upgraded onsite ALI Database from 911 Datamaster.

Fairfield County is located in the Old English District of South Carolina between Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC and is rich with history; homes built before the Revolutionary War and where General Cornwallis spent his “winter of discontent.”

An upgrade of Fairfield ALI database provides valuable tools to assist in its 911 addressing efforts.

Madison County, NC upgrades to later release of software from 911 Datamaster.

Allegheny County, PA Calls for Latest Release of Software from 911 Datamaster

The landscape of Allegheny County can be characterized as rolling hills punctuated by several scenic river valleys that offer breathtaking vantage points to experience the splendor of all four seasons. Winter provides the perfect opportunities for skiers and sled riding as snow, while not in abundance, often blankets the area. Allegheny County sees the value and upgrades to the latest version of software from 911 Datamaster.

Union County, NC Installs ALI Database Platform from 911 Datamaster

Established in 1842, Union County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state of North Carolina. It provides a unique blend of rural and metropolitan lifestyles. While having vast areas of nature untouched by development, it also has areas flourishing in suburban and industrial growth. The primary factors contributing to Union's economic growth are agriculture, business and industry. 911 Datamaster is pleased to support Union County's 9-1-1 ALI Database Management System.

Ketchikan Gateway Borough, AK Goes Live with Onsite ALI Database Supplied by 911 Datamaster

Ketchikan is known throughout Alaska as a friendly, hard-working town. Tucked into the mountains, and spilling down to the shores of the Inside Passage, this regional hub of 15,000, makes its living from the surrounding forest, from the abundant fish runs, from the thousands of visitors that flock north each year, and other entrepreneurial ventures.

The first Alaska port of call for northbound cruise ships, commercial vessels and state ferries, Ketchikan is 680 air miles north of Seattle and is located in the nation's largest national forest, the Tongass, which totals 17 million acres. You will never find any place quite like Ketchikan, Alaska.

Ketchikan selected a robust suite of products from 911 Datamaster to support their emergency response.

Ross County, OH Deploys ALI Database

Ross County was formed on August 20, 1798 by proclamation of Arthur St. Clair, Governor of the Northwest Territory. It included a large part of what is now the State of Ohio. The establishment of Franklin County and the later organization of other counties reduced Ross County’s huge size in 1803. Ross County was named for James Ross of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, a close friend of Governor St. Clair, although many thought it should be named after Nathaniel Massie who surveyed the area. In 1800, the capital of the Northwest Territory was moved to Chillicothe, the present county seat.

Ross County, OH now hosts a new 9-1-1 ALI Database.

Vernon County, WI Goes Live With Latest Onsite ALI Database

Deep in the heart of Wisconsin's Hidden Valleys lies Vernon County. It is a place so quiet and beautiful, it's no wonder they call it God's Country. Celebrated rivers, rugged hills, scenic farms, sturdy forests, tranquil back roads, crystal air and friendly people combine to make Vernon County the ideal place to find rest and renewal. Vernon County is now live with best-in-class ALI Database Management System from 911 Datamaster.

University of MS Medical Center Turns Up an Onsite ALI Database from 911 Datamaster

The University of Mississippi Medical Center, located in Jackson, is the state's only academic health science center. UMMC encompasses six health science schools: medicine, nursing, dentistry, health related professions, graduate studies and pharmacy. Installing Datamaster's ALI database provides valuable tools to assist UMMC in its 911 addressing efforts.

Tinker AFB, Time-Honored Traditions and 911 Datamaster

The term Wingman stems from a time-honored tradition within the Air Force flying community that essentially says a lead pilot will never lose his or her Wingman. Wingman Culture affirms that each and every person is essential to their mission.

Oklahoma's Tinker AFB deploys an onsite ALI Database Solution from 911 Datamaster, joining a list of growing military installations using 911 Datamaster technology.

Walker County and Dade County, GA Join Forces

The vibrant community of Walker County is perched atop the northwest corner of Georgia and gently nestled beneath historic Lookout Mountain. Rustic and rural in character, rich hillsides verdant with vegetation roam for miles along its countryside.

Dade County, Georgia, is a little slice of sheer beauty and great Southern Hospitality in northwest Georgia. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Dade County is a serene, fertile valley between stately Sand Mountain to the west and historic Lookout Mountain to the east.

Walker and Dade Counties unite as one to install 911 Datamaster's ALI and DBMS systems.

Graham County, NC Goes Live with Next Release of ALI Database from 911 Datamaster

911 Datamaster Teams with NG-911, Inc. in Illinois to Provide Key Technology Supporting NENA's i3 Vision

Next Generation 9-1-1 project files to operate In Illinois
Mount Carmel Daily Republican Register
Posted: Thursday, February 16, 2012 10:53 am | Updated: 2:17 pm, Mon Feb 20, 2012.

HERRIN, Ill. - The Counties of Southern Illinois (CSI) organization announced that a petition for authorization to conduct a Regional Next Generation 9-1-1 Pilot Project was submitted to the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) on Friday, Feb. 3.

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