Ross County, OH upgrades to latest release of ALI Database software and Cellular Steering

Ross County, OH continued a partnership with 911 Datamaster by upgrading their existing capabilities to position themselves for future technological needs.

Lexington, KY leading a trend towards self sufficient ALI Database and Database Management Operation

Lexington, Kentucky went live with regional showcase highlighted by a suite of software products from 911 Datamaster. The solution includes ALI Database, User Remarks, DBMS, and WebDBMS software solutions.

Bonner County, ID goes live with onsite ALI Database and User Remarks from 911 Datamaster

Bonner County, ID goes live with onsite ALI Database and User Remarks from 911 Datamaster

Taylor County, FL installs ALI Database software

Taylor County, FL begins serving their growing population with an onsite ALI Database, User Remarks and Cellular Steering from 911 Datamaster

911 Datamaster was selected to replace the existing system due to the economical and technologic benefits.

Brookings Telephone of Brookings, SD upgrades their ALI Database Software

Brookings Telephone again selected 911 Datamaster to upgrade their ALI database software continuing a twelve year partnership. Upgrade software was installed, tested, and cutover live. The City of Brookings and their citizens have come to depend a quality of service unmatched with today’s legacy providers.

State of New Hampshire Takes Control of Their Statewide 9-1-1 Database

New Hampshire Takes Control of Its Statewide 9-1-1 database

On September 27, 2007 the state of New Hampshire, Department of Safety, Bureau of Emergency Communications (9-1-1) went live with its state run E9-1-1 ALI database.

This was a much anticipated move towards augmenting capability, dramatically improving quality and resolution times and being fiscally responsible to the citizens of New Hampshire shares Pete DeNutte, Assistant Chief, Bureau of E9-1-1. New Hampshire will continue to bring in the best products available on the market. In this instance, not only did we gain autonomy over our solution, we also significantly reduced our fiscal allocation to legacy ALI providers.

Kodiak upgrades to ALI/DBMS release 2.2.5

Kodiak Island sits at the crossroads of the most productive fishing grounds in the world. The Port of Kodiak is "homeport" to more than 700 commercial fishing vessels. Not only is Kodiak home to the largest U.S. Coast Guard Base and the state's largest fishing port, it is also home to some of Alaska's largest trawl, longline, and crab vessels. Now Kodiak Island has the latest ALI/DBMS Software to better serve their citizen and tourist population.

Over the past decade, Kodiak Island has come to rely on 911 Datamaster software solutions. Upgrading to the latest release was an easy design to arrive at.

Broken Arrow, OK selects 911 Datamaster onsite ALI solution

Seeing the benefits over legacy Database companies, Broken Arrow selected 911Datamaster because of overall value and capabilities. The latest version of ALI was installed the first week of November.

Effingham County, IL selects 911 Datamaster Software

Effingham County, IL selects 911 Datamaster for their onsite ALI Database needs. Over the course of the past couple of months, Effingham selected and then went live to their new system.

Liberty County, GA upgrades to ALI 2.2.5 and DBMS 2.2.4

Liberty County, GA upgrades to latest DBMS/ALI Software release from 911 Datamaster. Liberty county continues a beneficial business relationship spanning more than 6 years.

911 Datamaster partners with EMBARQ for National 9-1-1 Deployment

EMBARQ has selected 911 Datamaster to provide data management and ALI response software for its nationwide 9-1-1 database. Detailed terms of the partnership were not disclosed. However, the initial phases of deployment are scheduled to be in place prior to the end of 2008. 911 Datamaster will also be providing EMBARQ with the advanced features of 9-1-1 WebDBMS and 9-1-1 WebPSAP which use the web to enhance communication and data sharing among database users.

“This move marks a significant step forward for both partners.” says Lyle Krehbiel, 911 Datamaster President and CEO. “We are pleased that EMBARQ recognized the value and increased capabilities our suite of products allows them. We will work tirelessly to provide the exceptional service and support which the 911 Datamaster name has come to represent.”

U. S. Navy's Nationwide Dispatch to use 911 Datamaster's ALI Database

Under terms of the agreement 911 Datamaster will assist the Navy's NERMS program in creating two regional dispatch centers. These two regional dispatch centers will consolidate call taking and dispatch for public safety resources at all Navy bases in the nation.

911 Datamaster announces partnership with Greater Harris County 9-1-1

GHC 9-1-1 has chosen 911 Datamaster’s ALI database software to implement its new self-managed ALI Database system. 911 Datamaster will also assist with the implementation and integration of the new system and assist with the migration from the current provider. The residents of the Greater Houston area will ultimately be the benefactor from the new partnership announced today. The multi-year agreement allows GHC 9-1-1 to bring its entire data management operation and quality process in house using 911 Datamaster’s DBMS, ALI Response, and Cellular/VoIP Steering software. In addition, a host of new Internet based tools are included in the agreement including WebDBMS and WebPSAP.

Elgin Air Force Base goes live with ALI Database solution

Eglin Air Force Base, FL, serves as the focal point for all Air Force armament. It applies advanced technology, engineering and programming efficiencies across the product life cycle to provide superior combat capability to the warfighter. Eglin's Air Armament Center plans, directs, and conducts test and evaluation of armament, navigation, guidance systems, and command and control systems. The 96th Air Base Wing, as the host unit, supports the largest single-base mobility commitment in the Air Force.

Williamsburg County SC deploys best of class ALI database

911 Datamaster is pleased to announce the successful cutover of Williamsburg County SC to their ALI database.

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