New Mexico's Holloman AFB deploys an onsite ALI Database Solution from 911 Datamaster, joining a list of growing military installations using 911 Datamaster technology.

Beaufort County, SC Deploys an Onsite ALI Database Solution from 911 Datamaster

Established in 1769, Beaufort County is nestled between Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah Georgia. It is known globally for the luxury resort, Hilton Head Island.

Deploying Datamaster ALI database in Beaufort assists emergency authorities in keeping its citizens and their families safe.

Montana ALI Database Complements Their Core 9-1-1 System

The Montana Public Safety Services Bureau (PSSB) oversees statewide planning of public safety communications organizing, planning, and working with local, state, federal and various public service agencies in the development and implementation of a statewide strategic plan for public safety communications. Its Statewide 9-1-1 Program Office manages the development, implementation, and operation of 9-1-1 emergency telephone system throughout the state and works closely with 9-1-1 managers, emergency response providers, elected officials, and telephone companies in the planning, implementation, and funding of emergency telephone systems.

When it came to ALI database software, 911 Datamaster's suite of user-friendly ALI and DBMS products met or surpassed Montana's specifications.

Lafayette County, Florida goes live with new onsite ALI Database from 911 Datamaster.

Liberty County, Florida Turns Up an Upgraded ALI Database from 911 Datamaster

Liberty County is located in the Heart of Florida's Panhandle. Water defines most of the county's borderline - the eastern boundary of the county is Ochlockonee River whereas the western boundary is the mighty Apalachicola River. On the south side, The Gulf of Mexico and its barrier islands.

Liberty County provides a home for an ALI Database from 911 Datamaster.

Tazewell County, Illinois upgrades to 911 Datamaster's ALI 2.2.4

Tazewell County uses best-in-class technology tools to manage their ALI database with wireless/cellular capabilities. “We have come to rely on 911 Datamaster to increase our 911 database capabilities.” Says Jeff Phillips, Director of 9-1-1.

IES Applauds 911 Datamaster's WebData, WebTelco ALI/DBMS Tools

Independent Emergency Services (IES) relies on 911 Datamaster’s products to solve problems, save time and provide an unmatched level of quality checks. IES has relied on 911 Datamaster’s web accessible IP products for nearly seven years. IES has both improved and enhanced communications with customers and service providers alike.

“All of our MSAG changes are done with WebData, and we benefit by being able to process submissions immediately “, says Dorothy Jeseritz, ALI Database Manager. “Most submissions are in the database within 15 or 20 minutes. The improvements with MSAG changes are many. For instance, before WebData, we received MSAG changes by fax and there was always the chance of a mistranslation.” In addition, Jeseritz says, “The submitter can tell if the change would cause an overlapping range. Errors are discovered prior to submission, allowing for much quicker resolution times.”

Green Lake County WI Upgrades to ALI, Remarks, and Cellular 2.2.4

Green Lake County, WI upgrades to latest ALI Software release from 9-1-1 Datamaster. Green Lake county continues to use 911 Datamaster products to maintain a high quality ALI database. All existing software was approved and upgraded including ALI, Remarks and Cellular.

911 Datamaster, Inc reports successful performance results with 100,000,000 record ALI database.

April 25, 2007 Overland Park, Kansas 911 Datamaster, Inc today announced another round of successful testing for their best-in-class ALI database technology.This round of testing focused on increasing performance on queries within our 100,000,000 million record database architecture.” explained Babu Cherian Vice President of Research and Development. “As the amount and complexity of data increases, our customers deserve technology that outpaces the legacy providers.

Customer table queries returned records in 1/1000th of a second for basic searches and returned nearly 200,000 records in just over 10 seconds.Customer error table queries achieved performance just as impressive returning nearly 30,000 records in less than 2 seconds.

911 Datamaster, founded in 1993, focuses exclusively on designing, implementing, and supporting an ever-growing suite of best-in-class 9-1-1 ALI database software. Whether you are a state 9-1-1 coordinator, lead an enterprise-wide 9-1-1 organization, or manage a single entity, 911 Datamaster can provide tools to help you achieve outstanding data quality with comprehensive reporting and audit trails.

Medina County, OH goes live with Onsite ALI Database, User Remarks and Cellular Steering

Medina County, OH cut live to their new onsite ALI Database from 911 Datamaster joining a growing list of customers leaving legacy providers in favor of customer focused solutions.

Miner County deploys 9-1-1 ALI and 9-1-1 DBMS

Minor County SD deploys 9-1-1 ALI and 9-1-1 DBMSMinor County SD has deployed ALI database software from 9-1-1 datamaster. The county is using both 9-1-1 DBMS and 9-1-1 ALI to provide the citizens of both Minor and Sanborn counties with a high quality ALI database.

Vernon County, WI goes live with Onsite ALI Database, Cellular Steering and DBMS

Vernon County, WI cuts live to their new onsite ALI Database from 911 Datamaster joining a growing list of customers leaving legacy providers in favor of customer focused solutions. Products installed include ALI with Cellular steering and a fully-featured database management system. The county will now realize much improved data quality, quicker resolution times and reduced expense.

911 Datamaster to showcase PSAP friendly ALI DB tools in Charlotte

Visit us in Charlotte, NC at National NENA booth 913 and see the most comprehensive suite of products available in the market today. Stop by and register for our must have giveaways.

Cherokee County, NC goes live with onsite ALI Database

Cherokee County, NC flips the switch and deploys a comprehensive suite of products from 911 Datamaster, including ALI with Cellular Steering and User Remarks.

Laurens County, SC serving Population with Onsite ALI Database

Laurens County, SC implemented their carefully-planned migration to a suite of products from 911 Datamaster, including ALI, User Remarks, and Cellular steering. Not only has Laurens County achieved much more control of their citizen’s records, but the county will also realize economic benefits over legacy solutions.

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