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Huntsville-Madison County AL turns up an onsite ALI Database from 911 Datamaster

Madison County, established in 1808, is a county that is older than the State. The small village of Huntsville, founded not far from the Tennessee River, has enjoyed a history that is worth being saved and shared for future generations. 911 Datamaster is pleased to support Huntsville-Madison County's 9-1-1 ALI Database Management System.

Gulf County FL names 911 Datamaster as its ALI and DBMS provider

Yancey County NC goes live with ALI Database Management System from 911 Datamaster

Yancey County NC, the gateway to Mt. Mitchell, was named for Bartlett Yancey, speaker, orator, educator and friend of Henry Clay. Yancey County is now live with best-in-class ALI Database Management System from 911 Datamaster.

Clay County, NC continues to make prudent investments in 911 Technology

Most recently Clay County installed 911 ALI Database Software from 911 Datamaster.

Grundy County TN installs a technology solution from 911 Datamaster

Grundy County is a crown jewel of the Cumberland Plateau, offering natural beauty at its best.  It boasts a variety of majestic vistas, breath-taking bluffs and forests, along with our state parks. Grundy hosts the newest ALI Database Management Technology from 911 Datamaster.

Bledsoe County TN

Named after a Revolutionary War Soldier Anthony Bledsoe. While respecting their past, Bledsoe County Tenessee also is prepared for the future after installing 911 Software from 911 Datamaster.

Suwannee County, Florida Upgrades to Later Release of Software from 911 Datamaster

Formed in 1858, Suwannee County was named after the Suwannee River, which forms the county's northern, western, and much of its southern border.

An upgrade of Suwannee ALI database provides valuable tools to assist in its 911 addressing efforts.

Cherokee County, North Carolina Now Has an Upgraded Onsite ALI Database from 911 Datamaster

Cherokee County was formed in 1839 from a part of Macon County, and is North Carolina’s western most county. Bordered by the states of Tennessee and Georgia, and located in the southern tip of the Great Smokey Mountains, Cherokee County was named to honor the Cherokee Indians who inhabited this area before being removed and relocated to Oklahoma in 1838. Today, Cherokee County is comprised of two towns; the town of Andrews, and the town of Murphy.

Cherokee upgrades its comprehensive suite of products from 911 Datamaster, including ALI with Cellular Steering and User Remarks.

Public Safety Technology Leaders Announce Unprecedented Support for NENA Next Generation 9-1-1 Architecture Interface Standard known as i3

Arlington, VA, April 28, 2011 — Today, eight leading vendors providing application and network functionality
for public safety announcedunprecedented collaboration in support of the immediate ratification of the
National Emergency Number Association (NENA) i3 document (Functional and Interface Standards for Next
Generation 9-1-1, Standard 08-002 v1 and 08-003 v1) as the sole NG9-1-1 network architecture and interface
standard. The NENA i3 standard represents an evolutionary standard(s) progression that masterfully builds upon
previously-published and approved i1, i2 and i3 requirements and architecture documents.

The ability to dial 9-1-1 for emergency-related requests is a fundamental component of the public safety
service delivery system in the United States, North America and abroad (via various dialing numbers
(112, 611, etc). As such, the public expects 9-1-1 to work whenever and wherever it is needed. This level
of 9-1-1 service availability has been achieved through the establishment of rigorous standards. Over
time, these critical standards have evolved to adapt to the changes in technologies as well as
requirements from the public safety community of users.

Union County, FL deploys an onsite ALI Database Solution from 911 Datamaster

Union County, FL deploys an onsite ALI Database Solution from 911 Datamaster.

Porter County Indiana Installs Self Managed ALI Database Platform from 911 Datamaster

Rich history is associated with Porter County and its name sake, Commodore David Porter of the U.S. Navy. During the War of 1812, while in command of the Essex, Commodore Porter captured seven British ships and took possession of the Marquesas Islands in battles near Valparaiso, Chile. Porter County Residents aptly renamed their county seat to Valparaiso, which is Spanish for ‘Vale of Paradise’.

Now the beautiful lakes and beaches of Porter County are home to state of the art 911 platform. Their new technology includes the ability to manage existing ALI Database, 911 Authoritative Validation Data (MSAG) and associated selective routing information. This platform provides Porter County with the ability to seamlessly migrate into NG9-1-1 components including LVF/ECRF and LIS.

Madison County, Florida Upgrades to Later Release of Software from 911 Datamaster

Madison County has more than 716 square miles of forests, rivers, lakes and gently rolling hills. Bordered on the east by the Withlacoochee and Suwannee Rivers and on the west by the Aucilla River, there is ample opportunity for fishing, canoeing, and swimming.  Madison is a nature lovers dream.

911 Datamaster provides a database solution to assist Madison emergency preparedness officials to inform, prepare and plan residents in the event of an emergency.

Nassau County, Florida Upgrades to Later Release of Software from 911 Datamaster

In Nassau County, there is "Something For Everyone". Located in the northeast corner of the state along the Atlantic Ocean, the county serves as the Eastern Gateway to the Sunshine State.

Upgrading the County's ALI database equips Nassau Sheriff's Office with the latest public safety tools.

Beaufort County, SC Deploys an Onsite ALI Database Solution from 911 Datamaster

Established in 1769, Beaufort County is nestled between Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah Georgia. It is known globally for the luxury resort, Hilton Head Island.

Deploying Datamaster ALI database in Beaufort assists emergency authorities in keeping its citizens and their families safe.

Montana ALI Database Complements Their Core 9-1-1 System

The Montana Public Safety Services Bureau (PSSB) oversees statewide planning of public safety communications organizing, planning, and working with local, state, federal and various public service agencies in the development and implementation of a statewide strategic plan for public safety communications. Its Statewide 9-1-1 Program Office manages the development, implementation, and operation of 9-1-1 emergency telephone system throughout the state and works closely with 9-1-1 managers, emergency response providers, elected officials, and telephone companies in the planning, implementation, and funding of emergency telephone systems.

When it came to ALI database software, 911 Datamaster's suite of user-friendly ALI and DBMS products met or surpassed Montana's specifications.

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