Why 911 Datamaster

Why 911 Datamaster is the proven logical choice

How We Do Business...
We partner with our customers — We have a passion for support and cooperative development. 911 Datamaster is a fast-moving technology company best positioned to pour R & D into developing innovative tools to serve your 9-1-1 needs. We have extensive Esri and SQL programming and application design experience (a combined 60+ years). We are an Esri Business Partner.

Who We Are...
We develop and support our products — 911 Datamaster was founded and continues to be based in Overland Park, KS. We have over 20 years of experience in deploying critical 9-1-1 data systems. We have always been focused on data integrity as it relates to the validation and routing of 9-1-1, and NG9-1-1 requests for assistance. We are focused on providing standards-based, best-in-class technology.

What We Do...
We Innovate — We are the leader in our field and have pioneered a number of advances in database software. We were an industry leader in using IP to deliver information well before it was a ‘cool buzzword’. Our innovative approaches have saved our customers millions of dollars in fork lift replacements. Our ALI Database continues to ‘speak’ both traditional and NG9-1-1 to support hybrid deployments.

We Support NENA Standards...
From day one, we have been committed to implementing NENA standards in our software. Our support for NENA standards runs deep. 911 Datamaster staff currently or concluded (Work Group finished their effort) involvement with the following NENA efforts:

  • Forest Guide Work Group: Work Group chair
  • LVF / ECRF Work Group: Active contributor
  • Development Steering Council: Co-chair
  • i3 Architecture Work Group - Developing the end-to-end architecture for the i3 design specifications: Work Group Member
  • NG9-1-1 Data Transition Work Group - Developed design concepts and guidelines for transitioning data and data processes from a traditional 9-1-1 environment to a NG9-1-1 environment: Work Group Chair
  • NG9-1-1 Additional Data Work Group - Defining the use of additional data associated with a call, a location, and a caller within a NG9-1-1 environment: Work Group Member
  • GIS Data Model Work Group - Creating the GIS database schema to be used throughout NG9-1-1 applicable applications and functions: Work Group Member
  • Site Structure Address Point Work Group - Developing guidelines on how best to build a GIS layer for address points: Work Group Co-Chair
  • Data Management Work Group - Compiling the error and warning notification requirements for the ECRF, SIF and other NG9-1-1 elements: Work Group Member
  • Provisioning and Maintenance of GIS data to ECRF / LVF Work Group - Establishing what GIS data is needed by the ECRF and its use: Work Group Member

What We Offer...
High Performance — Our software is designed for and tested with a database of 100 million records. We know most applications require for far fewer than 100 million records, but we also know that if we can achieve great performance with a database of this size, it will perform even better for a smaller one.

A Scalable Solution — We have customers with counties of less than five thousand population and customers hosting enterprise wide / national databases serving populations in the 10’s of millions. Our software is scalable and so is our pricing.

Scalable Software — In order for software to take full advantage of a computer's power, the software uses additional "threads." Our software automatically adds threads as needed. In a nutshell, a small site needs few threads and can use a basic computer, but a large site needs many threads and requires a powerful computer. Thus, a smaller site can save money by purchasing basic computers while larger sites can achieve the performance they need by using more powerful machines.

Quality Control — In 9-1-1, quality and reliability are a must. Our quality assurance lab thoroughly tests all releases of our software. For example, our QA testing for request / response release can involve over 10 million request / responses. After the software passes our internal QA testing, it is thoroughly Beta tested. In addition, a select group of our partners thoroughly test each new software release.

Quality Documentation — Thorough documentation is not an afterthought. Our products come with readable user manuals written by a language professional that understands the software. Custom documentation can also be provided as required.

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