Porter County Indiana Installs ALI Database Platform

Porter County Indiana Installs Self Managed ALI Database Platform from 911 Datamaster

Rich history is associated with Porter County and its name sake, Commodore David Porter of the U.S. Navy. During the War of 1812, while in command of the Essex, Commodore Porter captured seven British ships and took possession of the Marquesas Islands in battles near Valparaiso, Chile. Porter County Residents aptly renamed their county seat to Valparaiso, which is Spanish for ‘Vale of Paradise’.

Now the beautiful lakes and beaches of Porter County are home to state of the art 911 platform. Their new technology includes the ability to manage existing ALI Database, 911 Authoritative Validation Data (MSAG) and associated selective routing information. This platform provides Porter County with the ability to seamlessly migrate into NG9-1-1 components including LVF/ECRF and LIS.

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