U. S. Navy's Nationwide Dispatch to use 911 Datamaster's ALI Database

U. S. Navy's Nationwide Dispatch to use 911 Datamaster's ALI Database

Under terms of the agreement 911 Datamaster will assist the Navy's NERMS program in creating two regional dispatch centers. These two regional dispatch centers will consolidate call taking and dispatch for public safety resources at all Navy bases in the nation.

An integral component of each regional dispatch center is a secure, reliable and accurate ALI Database system. This system will work with a CAD system, call-taking equipment and include the integration of GIS data. Prior to installation the ALI database software was thoroughly tested by the Navy to ensure that the software was secure and invulnerable to outside intrusion. As part of the first phase of the program 911 Datamaster’s ALI database software was installed in July at the Navy’s Jacksonville Naval Air Station.

"It is critical that NERMS be provided secure accurate information to assist dispatcher’s decision making in managing events" explains Lyle Krehbiel President and CEO of 911 Datamaster, “We are ecstatic the Navy has recognized our capabilities to help deliver this vision.”

NERMS is part of the ATFP Section which is responsible for providing utility assessments on equipment that facilitates the detection, delay, deterrence, assessment and response functions for protecting government assets. Other ATFP responsibilities are; Access Control and Vehicle Inspections, CNRMA Information Management Pilot Program, Wide Area Alert/Notification, Reconaissance, Virtual Perimeter Monitoring System and Joint Modular Intermodal Distribution System.

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