The Next Generation of Request / Response

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As the 9-1-1 industry evolves, subscriber location information can become more distributed as service providers operate their own Location Information Server (LIS). This represents a challenge to both 9-1-1 authorities and carriers currently operating ALI databases. DataBond® represents the melding of ALI and LIS functionality to overcome this challenge.

Flexible and user-configurable, DataBond is designed to seamlessly integrate the current needs of public safety and emergency response with the evolving technologies of 9-1-1 Next Generation functions, interfaces and protocols. 

DataBond is an evolution of ALI. It can serve as a ‘Location Database’ (LDB), which is defined by NENA as a data structure that can serve as both an ALI and a LIS operating within a 9-1-1 authority’s jurisdiction. Since DataBond integrates with both existing and NG9-1-1 infrastructure, it allows for the migration to NG9-1-1 technology on your schedule without the need for a ‘fork lift’ upgrade. Our innovative software facilitates a migration mechanism of both data and business processes, making the transition a flexible, yet controlled, evolution. DataBond supports current and future versions of location validation, emergency call routing and location-based call routing.

DataBond consists of database and database management software. It provides request / response and is compatible with all leading ANI / ALI controllers as well as NG9-1-1 components such as Legacy Network Gateways (LNGs) and Emergency Service Routing Proxies (ESRPs). Our software can provision customer location data manually and in batch.

DataBond is fully integrated with DataNexus, a LVF / ECRF, so that every subscriber location record maintained is valid and routable.

DataBond also provides Cellular Phase I and Phase II solutions, extensive reporting capabilities, including a history of all database requests, automatic synchronization of records for full redundancy and reliability, automatic import of NENA standard files and flexibility in record updating automatically or manually.

DataBond Diagram

Product Specifications:

  • Windows™ server-based for ease of use, lower cost and easy maintenance
  • Encompasses all of the specifications for ALI and LIS
  • Supports IP communications with controllers and PSAPs
  • Supports HTTP Enabled Location Determination (HELD)
  • Meets NENA ALI Query Service (AQS) Standard
  • Meets J-STD-036 and E2+ cellular standards
  • Interfaces with DBMS software for ALI / LDB updates
  • Supports replication with remote LIS implementations

Product Features:

  • Scalability from less than one thousand to more than 50 million records
  • Provides ALI response to multiple PSAP controllers
  • Provides five call history-input and store details about a particular phone number
  • Supports 8-digit and 10-digit ALI requests
  • Simple or advanced password protection and user login auditing
  • Automatic synchronization of records on two Servers for full redundancy and reliability
  • Maintains logs of call activity and imports and selective router updates
  • Automatic status notification via pager, email, TL1 and SNMP
  • Supported by 911 Datamaster's comprehensive, 24/7/365 software support


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