Data Services

Combine World Class 9-1-1 Technology with Superior ALI and GIS Data Management Services.

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Benefit from 911 Datamaster’s industry leading software with hosted data management services.

911 Datamaster, a long time industry leader in 9-1-1 and Next Gen 9-1-1 technology, offers its world class platforms as a managed service. Whether you are looking to upgrade your ALI database management to improve quality, control costs, and prepare for NG9-1-1 or desiring to prepare and maintain your GIS data to a quality level requisite for NG9-1-1 deployment, we have the resources and expertise to make you successful. Improve quality and control costs by letting us manage your ALI. 911 Datamaster has over 20 years of experience with database management and ALI software. With hundreds of installations throughout the U.S. and abroad, we have developed a deep knowledge of database management. We offer a simple migration from your incumbent provider to a state of the art, NG9-1-1 ready platform that can reside either on your premises or in our hosted environment. Service providers will send service orders directly to this platform where our analysts will help ensure data integrity. PSAPs can easily migrate to our geographically diverse ALIs with a few simple network changes.

DataBond®, our DBMS and ALI, is a NENA’s NG9-1-1 transitional compliant Location Database (LDB). Our LDB / ALI enables migration of your 9-1-1 system to NG9-1-1 with no changes to the underlying database or need for “fork-lift upgrades”. Traditional PSAPs and NG-capable PSAPs can utilize the same database. A web-based user interface ensures that you always have access to your data.

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