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Success Begins Before the Call is Made

Montana: Improving Public Safety Statewide

The Montana Public Safety Services Bureau (PSSB) oversees statewide planning of public safety communications organizing, planning, and working with local, state, federal and various public service agencies in the development and implementation of a statewide strategic plan for public safety communications. Its Statewide 9-1-1 Program Office manages the development, implementation, and operation of 9-1-1 emergency telephone system throughout the state and works closely with 9-1-1 managers, emergency response providers, elected officials, and telephone companies in the planning, implementation, and funding of emergency telephone systems. The PSSB receives guidance from the Governor's 9-1-1 Advisory Council comprising various emergency and public safety organizations, telephone company representatives, local government officials, and the private sector.

The Challenge

The mission of the PSSB's statewide deployment effort was to provide citizens and visitors to Montana with a consistent, standardized, and more efficient 9-1-1 system; provide PSAPs the ability to process wireline, wireless, and VoIP calls; and lay a strong foundation for future 9-1-1 system improvements. Emphasis was also placed on affordability and interoperability.

Historically, many aspects of E9-1-1 and the automatic location identification (ALI) service have been managed with very little local input or visibility. Remote management caused unnecessary delays in resolving errors, inefficient/insufficient communication, and data quality below expectations.

ALI Database Requirements

The State of Montana wanted to have the efficiency, consistency, and economies of scale provided by a single statewide ALI database. In addition, the state wanted the option of administering the ALI database within the state to improve data quality and to provide PSAPs, counties, and other stakeholders with remote access to their portions of the ALI database. Improving data quality by using state -of-the-art database management tools was considered essential in creating a next generation system that would provide the State of Montana with the most comprehensive ALI management system in the nation.

Technology Ultimately Used

A detailed research and RFP process reviewed an array of technology and companies. When it came to ALI database software, 911 Datamaster's suite of user-friendly ALI and DBMS products met or surpassed RFP specifications.

911 Datamaster ALI Request/Response Solution

The solution included statewide centralized and redundant ALI software with wireless Phase II capabilities. ALI software includes extensive database and 9-1-1 call report capabilities. The State of Montana's solution also included WebPSAP, a web-based enhancement to the ALI software. WebPSAP allows users at each PSAP to view all ALI reports for that PSAP.

911 Datamaster DBMS Solution

DBMS is a fully-featured 9-1-1 database management system with a full suite of database reports. In addition, WebData a package of web-based tools for database management was selected. This software allows CLECs, PBXs, and government agencies access to their own areas of the database and allows PSAPs to report ANI/ALI discrepancies via the web. Although the database is centralized, the web-based tools give local authorities the look and feel of an on-site database.

How did the Technology solve the Problem

A key to the Montana's success in the 9-1-1 Program Office has been its ability to move forward with small, incremental steps. The full potential of a statewide E9-1-1 network can only be realized through cooperative partnerships, sharing of common components, and interoperability between agencies.

The statewide solution provides a turnkey statewide E9-1-1 solution including network services, database services, customer premise equipment (CPE) and maintenance and monitoring and training.

Agencies previously having access to little information suddenly had access to numerous reports, their own ALI data, read access to records being worked, and the ability to become a partner in the effort to improve data quality. Every single record in the system was now also tied to an audit trail indicating what changes took place, when they took place, and who made the modification.

Benefits to the Participating Agencies

Montana PSAPs now have a statewide system being managed in a cooperative and distributed manner by Montanans. The efficiencies saved through utilization of a common platform and technology reduced overall funding for the project and improved the database quality and access/reporting tools for all stakeholders. The economic benefits were realized both in the cost of the initial investment and ongoing support. Most significantly, Montana can realize a safer, healthier, and more prosperous future for its residents and visitors through the improved delivery of public safety services.

911 Datamaster, founded in 1993, focuses exclusively on designing, implementing, and supporting an ever-growing suite of best-in-class 9-1-1 ALI database software. Whether you are a state 9-1-1 coordinator, lead an enterprise-wide 9-1-1 organization, or manage a single entity, 911 Datamaster can provide tools to help you achieve outstanding data quality with comprehensive reporting and audit trails.

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