Fully-Featured 9-1-1 Database Software

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Incorporating 20 years of customer feedback and continuous product development, DBMS is the most fully-featured database management software on the market.

Comprehensive and user-centric, DBMS provides all the tools necessary to build and maintain your 9-1-1 database. DBMS is available to telephone companies, counties, PSAPs, PBX operators and others using WebDBMS and a secure Internet connection. It is designed to process daily update files, to scrub the files against a Master Street Address Guide (MSAG), and to provide updated files for ALI computers.

With this software, users can create a customer file, an MSAG, an ESN file and a file of responding agencies. Users can import and export customer and MSAG records as well as manually add/edit records.

DBMS software features extensive reporting capabilities, including NENA 02- 011 Data Quality Metrics Reports. Additionally, DBMS includes ALI computer and selective router updates, advanced password protection, audit trails, and many other features. With WebDBMS, users have an Internet-based platform to exchange information with telephone companies, PSAPs and other county agencies.

DBMS Diagram

Product Specifications:

  • Windows™ server-based for ease of use, lower cost and easy maintenance
  • NENA Versions 1, 2.1, 3.1 and 4 compliant
  • NENA 02-011 Data Quality Metrics compliant
  • NPAC capable – allowing efficient LPN processing
  • Web interfaces to CLECs, PBXs and 9-1-1 Agencies

Product Features:

  • Scalability from less than one thousand to more than 100 million records
  • Imports all industry standard daily update files
  • Street suffix alternate option during customer import
  • Offers county, community, and street translation option for customer import
  • Checks imports for errors before importing
  • Scrubs customer records against MSAG
  • Routes incorrect customer records to a Customer Correction table
  • Automatic updating of ALI computers
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Provides NENA Standard local number portability record processing
  • Provides audit trails for record changes, imports and updates
  • Various alarm options via SNMP, TL1, pager, email, and event log
  • Offers multi-county capability and options to view and process records by county
  • Link to mapping software, 9-1-1 WebMap, for resolving discrepencies between a 9-1-1 MSAG and a mapped MSAG
  • Supported by 911 Datamaster's comprehensive, 24/7/365 software support

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