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Flexible and user-configurable, ALI is a stand-alone ALI database that provides ALI response to ALI requests. Compatible with all leading ANI / ALI controllers, the Windows™-based software is powerful, yet user friendly.

ALI provides extensive reporting capabilities, including a history of all ALI requests, automatic synchronization of records on two PCs for full redundancy and reliability, automatic import of NENA standard files, flexibility in record updating – automatically or manually, and five-call history. ALI provides all of the capabilities of the HP3000 and more.

With this software, users can add / edit customer records, agencies and ESNs. Users can import and export customer records with the click of a button.

Additionally, users can create their own custom ALI response formats ALI software also provides Cellular Phase I and II solutions, as well as IP communications with ANI / ALI controllers. Additionally, ALI supports the NENA ALI Query Service (AQS). Reports can be made available to each PSAP via WebALI.

ALI Diagram

Product Specifications:

  • Windows™ server-based for ease of use, lower cost and easy maintenance
  • Phase I and Phase II Cellular and VoIP modules available
  • IP communications with controllers
  • Meets NENA ALI Query Service (AQS) Standard
  • Meets J-STD-036 and E2+ cellular standards
  • Supports V-E2 for VoIP
  • Interfaces with 9-1-1 DBMS software for ALI updates

Product Features:

  • Scalability from less than one thousand to more than 50 million records
  • Provides ALI response to multiple PSAP controllers
  • Provides five call history-input and store details about a particular phone number
  • Supports 8-digit and 10-digit ALI requests
  • Multiple user-configurable ALI response formats supported
  • Simple or advanced password protection and user login auditing
  • Selective router updates (on-board/off-board)
  • Maintains logs of all call activity, imports, and selective router updates
  • Automatic synchronization of records on two servers for full redundancy and reliability
  • Automatic e-mailing of reports
  • Various alarm options via SNMP, TL1, pager, email, and event log
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Extensive reports exported to MS Word™, Excel™, and Adobe™ formats
  • Supported by 911 Datamaster's comprehensive, 24/7/365 software support


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